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The juncture of the physical and the spiritual.  The magical and the mundane.  The place where all that we are coalesces into the elixir of life and healing.


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"Quavin's bodywork is a transformative experience.  She has a very gifted touch and anyone receiving bodywork from her is a lucky individual."

- Paul S.

"This Quietude tea is like an exhale in a cup"

- Jessica H.

"I tried the Radiance mask mixed with honey.  It smells so good and my face is soooo soft.  I followed it up with the facial serum and...dear lord!  It's a dream team.  My skin is so happy and it smells like roses!!!"

- A.H.

"Quavin has been such a positive force for healing in my life since I started seeing her.  She is amazingly talented and caring, which comes through in her bodywork.  I feel so lucky to work with her.  My body is much happier."

- A.K.