The Quest...A Journey Through Inquiry

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The quest is a journey of embodiment through inquiry, where you pose a question and, through that question, we take a deep dive to discover the answer that lies, ultimately, within you.  By tuning into your 5 physical senses, we’ll deepen and develop your relationship to your 6th sense of intuition and knowing, exploring not only how spirit answers you, but also the cues, tools and languages that you can use to open to and connect with this part of your beingness.


In each month long inquiry, you and your experience guide the process, as I hold space, facilitate and provide instruction that is directly related to your query and the surrounding influences.  Together, we’ll take those experiences, influences and, using the languages and tools of both the seen and unseen, we’ll put it all together and map the ways that you are being guided, held and led towards, not only your answer, but further into your own powerful knowing and embodiment.