The Embodiment Experience

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Astrologically, we talk a lot about the planets.  We talk about the Sun and the Moon, the asteroids, stars and even hypothetical points in the heavens and on the bodies themselves.  But, we rarely, if ever, speak of the Earth as being a part of the story that we weave about ourselves and our lives.  

From an astrological perspective, the Earth sits opposite the Sun at all times.  It is the opposing and balancing force to the conscious light that the Sun represents.  And, as such, it is where and how we enact and grow that consciousness through our lives.  The Earth is the stage, the set, the props, the resources and the materials where we play out the Sun’s story.  It provides cast and crew, support, and all that we need to create, enact, and experience the intangible manifested.  It is the realm where we learn to use and master all of the elements and, in so doing, ourselves.  

The Earth is who and what we are.

The Embodiment Reading is a chart reading that focuses all of the energies and guidance within your natal chart through the energy and lens of the Earth experience.  We’ll talk about the Earth as a being, a planet and an element to begin to build an understanding and deeper appreciation for this beautiful place we call home.  Then, we’ll take those insights and explore the Zodiac placement of the Earth in your chart and what it means for you.  We’ll explore your unique Earth experience through the themes of the body, the senses, desire, movement, seasons, cycles, rhythms, elements and more.  All to give you a more conscious, grounded awareness of yourself and your place in and on this world.

Readings are approximately 2.5 hours long and done remotely over Zoom.  A recording of your reading will be sent to you within 4 weeks.