The Body Awareness Journal

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The Body Awareness Journal was created for my bodywork clients as a means of empowering them to gain a deeper connection to and awareness of themselves and the everyday habits, routines and actions that contribute to unhealthy patterning within their bodies.  What began 12 years ago as a simple idea to have clients check in with themselves in between bodywork sessions has evolved into a useful tool for anyone looking to bring a greater sense of awareness and mindfulness to their lives.

The Body Awareness Journal is a prompted journaling experience designed to encourage awareness of the body and its patterns of habit, thought, breath and movement.  With prompts to guide you through each part of your day, The Body Awareness Journal assists you in creating an inner dialogue with yourself about the structures of your daily life and their affects on your body, while also helping you to be more present and mindful as you go about your days.  Although the journal was created to be used in conjunction with the Bodywork at Elements + Alchemy, it is also beneficial on its own as a means of connecting to yourself and your body in meaningful way.

The journal is structured in a 40 day format and uses simple prompts to assist clients in identifying the circumstances and stresses that can potentially create or sustain unhealthy body patterning.  Through the process of journaling, clients can become aware of the physical, mental and emotional causes of tension and "dis-ease" within the body and can find ways to support their goals by making changes, large or small, in their daily habits.  In addition to gaining greater awareness of our physical selves, The Body Awareness Journal is also a great way to gain insights into our mental and emotional bodies and their processes and can bring a sense of connection to our entire being.

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