Tarot Readings

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The unconscious speaks to us in symbols.  Wordlessly, through the interplay of sight and feeling, we marry head and heart and their union produces understanding.  Understanding is the wisdom that lies within and beyond the knowledge we seek.  The moment we understand, we drop out of our heads and fully into the heart of that which we seek to know.  The symbols of the unconscious mind allow us to momentarily bypass our head space and take us directly to heart space, where we can more intuitively feel into the heart of a matter and then bring it up into our conscious awareness.  

Tarot is a tool for such understanding.  Through the use of symbols, tarot taps into the universal flow of energies that surround us and our circumstances, shining a light on what we intrinsically know and, hence understand, bringing it into our awareness and allowing us to make the adjustments necessary to bring balance to our lives.

Tarot readings are fluid conversations based on our queries and intention.  Readings can be done in-person or via Zoom and the recording sent along to you.