Astrological Consultations

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Stars have aligned

and the way

is written

in starlight

on inky night sky.


At the moment of birth the cosmos were aligned in a unique configuration that was distilled and imprinted on your soul as a framework for who you are and all of the potentials of what you could become in accordance with your soul purpose and the lessons you wish to learn during this lifetime.  We experience many births and deaths as we cycle through life and, as we move, the cosmos keeps shifting and changing providing the energetic backdrop for both our individual and collective evolution.  By studying our own cosmic blueprint, known as the birth chart, and its interactions with the current celestial positions, we can gain great insight and awareness into who we are, our strengths, patterns and struggles and how to best move through life deeply rooted in ourselves, with love and gratitude for all that we encounter on this journey.

Astrological consultations are an intuitive and collaborative exploration of your birth chart, the current celestial movements and your place within this matrix.  Through this exploration, you will learn about the archetypal energies at play in your life and the ways they communicate through and within the context of your existence.  Together, we will examine how these energies manifest themselves as patterns of action or resistance, cause and effect, as well as innate strengths and latent potentials in the body, mind and emotions while revealing new ways of harnessing and working with this energy to create the life you envision. 

Consultations are a conducted in person or over video to explore and discuss the unique focus of your story as it pertains to your intention for the reading and any queries, keeping in mind that these readings are not to be viewed as a predictive tool, but as a means to gain greater understanding of yourself as an empowered being able to shape your life in alignment with your highest good.  As we delve deeper into your chart through discussion, you will are encouraged to write down threads of our conversation that have great meaning or offer insight or perspectives that you had yet to consider, creating the beginnings of a deeper dialogue with yourself while physically manifesting the "writing of your story".   We may also explore the many facets of working with the energies of your birth chart and the current astrological configurations using the symbolism and archetypes found within the tarot.

Each in person astrological consultation is approximately 2.5 hours long.  All clients will receive a personalized natal star chart with an audio recording of your reading.  If you live at a distance, we will meet via Zoom and you will also receive the recording of the reading.  Please be prepared to provide birth date, place and time, as these are needed for an accurate creation and reading of the chart.  Once purchased, I will send an email to schedule the reading, gather the birth information and answer any questions you may have.

If you are interested in delving deeper into the astrology of the moment, join me on Patreon for daily foray into the current movements of the celestial sphere and their effects on our collective experience through the lenses of astrology and tarot.