The body remembers.  It's memory is not based solely in the mind, but is carried with us every day, with every breath and movement that we make.  The body holds our stories in our tissues.  Every cell, every organ, every structure, every fluid that courses through us tells the story of our being and the lives we have lived up to the present moment.  The body wants to tell it's story.  Your story.  To you.  

The body speaks.  Through movement.  Through rhythm.  Through touch.  The body as the keeper of stories holds patterns, ways of thinking, being, and moving.  The body has wisdom, intelligence and knowing.  Tuning into this wisdom, we remember the language of our physical form and can listen to the stories our bodies want to tell about their experience of the world through us.  We begin to understand the process through which our bodies seek to balance and align.

Giving your body permission to speak - to acknowledge stories disguised as tension, energetic blocks disguised as knots; and injuries, hurts and fears disguised as pain and posturing - allows for you and your many levels of being - to process your stories and integrate them into who you are.  Right now, in the present moment.  This integration changes our relationship to our stories, to our lives and to ourselves and facilitates the process of internal alignment that leads to a deep awareness of who we are, what we need and the new stories we would like to tell, the memories we want our bodies to hold. 

This is empowerment.  This is healing.

Bodywork at Elements + Alchemy is a journey of translation - of listening intently and compassionately, with reverence and respect for the stories our bodies wish to tell.  It is a journey through the boundaries between the spiritual and the physical. And the means and language the body uses to remind us that we are not either or but exist beautifully and humanly as both.  Always connected.  

Bodywork sessions are 90 minutes long and are guided by your intention, both physically and spiritually.  We address any physical concerns of tension, pain and discomfort through therapeutic massage of the musculature and the connective tissues.  As we work through the physical, we create space for energy to move and channels for communication and healing to open.  It is a process and should be respected as such, with patience and understanding.  Even when the primary concern is solely physical.  Respecting your process, whatever it is - whatever it's intent, engenders trust and relaxation which is the most important element to healing through touch.

Prospective clients, please email Quavin at to schedule a consultation.

Outdoor Sessions:

Bodywork sessions have now been moved outdoors to Cianfrani Park, so that I can continue to provide much needed touch during these times.  Sessions are 60-75 minutes long and $100.  Please feel free to email or text to schedule your appointment.  


90 minute Session: $125

Pre-paid Session Bundles:

2-4 Sessions: 10% discount

5-10 Sessions:  15% discount

10+ Sessions:  25% discount


In keeping with the deeply personal nature of my work, I only accept clients based on referral and/or careful screening and reserve the right to refuse bodywork services at my discretion. Thank you for your understanding.