Long ago, the peoples of Mother Earth used the cyclical nature of their environments to tap in to the rhythms of life.  They observed the many natural patterns of life here on Earth and also the skies above them.  Over time, the study of the cycles of the heavens became what we now call astrology.  Astrology is the study of the movements and patterns of celestial bodies and their energetic interplay with life here on Earth.  It is an ancient science that dates back thousands of years and also forms the basis for the current science of astronomy, as they were once one and the same. 

Today, the study of astrology can take many different forms.  The most common being natal astrology and the study of the planetary positions that form a blueprint outlining an individual's soul intent and purpose, as well as strengths, struggles and patterns of response that can impact the soul's journey in this life.  This is the branch of astrology that most people are familiar with through their sun sign.  But the art and science of natal astrology encompasses so much more than a generic description of traits and an equally generic horoscope based on the position of the sun at birth.  It incorporates the energies and stories, not just of the sun, but of the other planets, asteroids and stars. It is the study of "as above, so below" and incorporates myth, archetypes, symbolism, aspects of psychology, as well as observation of patterns and cycles that we can use as both a guide and a tool for deeper self awareness and understanding.  It connects us to the infinite play of the cosmos, reminding us that we are, indeed, part of the very fabric of creation, while helping us to ground deeply into our physical existence and the gifts it holds.  As we come to understand the hidden knowledge held within the coordinates of the celestial bodies at birth, we are able to unlock inner treasures that we can use to create and shape our lives.

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