The Alchemist + The Alchemy

There is great power in the in between. 
The gray areas. 
The liminal spaces. 
The twilight times. 
Where things are neither before or after. 
Night or day. 
Light or dark. 
Black or white. 
This space is the unknown. 
The mystery. 
The journey from beginning to end takes place in this space
The journey of the divine experiencing itself as life through us, takes place in this space. 
It is here that we create. 
Here that we love. 
Here that we heal.
Here that we live.
- Q

Elements + Alchemy is the work of Quavin Johnson and the manifestation of the creative gifts unearthed and cultivated on her own personal journey through the in between we call life.  Immersed in the language of the senses and translating what cannot be seen or explained, but felt, Quavin is the force and vision that is Elements + Alchemy. A healer, mother, creator, writer and educator, Quavin moves in the space between worlds and seeks to share her journey with others through her bodywork and art. Sublimating her own 20+ year -and counting- journey of conscious healing and deep soul work, she works with intuition, skill and wisdom that are cultivated through living and learning the experience as life; while staying ever open to the mystery that continuously unfolds around and through us in new and more complex ways.




Quavin is a licensed massage therapist with over 15 years of practice and experience. Using her own unique style of bodywork, she works with intention and awareness of both form and flow; and the ever present dynamic tension between them that binds us to the material and creates the patterns and structures within us and without. She dances in the tension; in the space between the tangible and intangible; the seen and unseen and, through the medium of touch, translates the body’s unique story of form and flow into a profoundly healing and personal experience for each client.

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Astrology + Tarot

Always seeking resonance and connection, Quavin was drawn to the art of astrology 18 years ago as a way to begin to understand her own soul, it's purpose and direction in this life and has since developed her own relationship to the planets and the cosmos that is reflected in both her writing and her personal readings. Tarot soon followed and has been a 17 year integration of symbols, stories and planetary correspondences that has led to a deep understanding of the meanings and messages conveyed in the cards. After nearly 2 decades of deep immersion in both arts, Quavin is fluent in their languages and loves sharing and guiding others to their own relationship and understanding of themselves through both mediums.  

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The Atelier


Our beings are in a constant dance with life through the experience of our senses.  It is through the vibrational miracles of sight, scent, sound, taste and touch that we move through the world and catalog our experiences as feeling.  When our senses are engaged, we are present in the moment and open to our experience of ourselves in that particular time and place.  In those moments of presence, we create space for awareness and healing.  It is with this intention that Quavin crafts organic herbal teas + elixirs, jewelry and leather goods to nourish and adorn both body and space.  Drawing on over 20 years of working intimately with the plant world, Quavin creates complex and nuanced tea blends; simple, yet effective whole body care and provisions for creating and maintaining intentional space.  She also crafts natural adornments to help express and reflect the innate beauty that radiates from the inside, while connecting us to what is natural and sacred in our world.  Each atelier offering is an extension and expansion of the healing work that Quavin provides through her bodywork and astrology practice in hopes of encouraging presence in the moment through meaningful engagement with our senses.

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