Being Flower + Gemstone Essence Elixir

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The essences of early autumn goldenrod + citrine awaken us to the fire of joy, creativity, truth and love that is the core and essence of our being.

  • Made with:  distilled water, life force essence of goldenrod, life force essence of cirtine, organic goldenrod essential oil, organic sweet orange essential oil, organic ginger essential oil + organic grape alcohol.
  • Use externally as a spray for your solar plexus chakra, your energy field or your space.
  • Made with love, light + positive intention.



*Essences are the life force energy of any given plant, flower, herb or gemstone captured in pure water.  Not to be confused with essential oils, which are the physical extractions of the life "blood" of plant matter, essences are made by infusing pure water with the energetic vibrations of plants and/or crystals and work on a very subtle level of our own energetic body to support, encourage, catalyze or hold space for our healing.